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About eCommercesimply

“We’re here to help you start your first online business into reality.”

How many of you can relate with this – I HATE MONDAY MORNING!

It’s time to pull my energy-less body, getting ready for another week of battle – building dreams… the dreams of my boss’s… I feel like a zombie…

“When did it become okay to give up on your dreams?”

The hard truth is you’re feeling trapped and unable to break free from the rat race, trying very hard to regain the control of your life.

I know, I know you’re not looking to become a billionaire…

You’re simply looking to take control of your life, your time and space, spending time with your parents, children and love ones. Having more time to do what you really want – drinking your morning cup of coffee in a cafe, catching an afternoon movie, spend weeks or even months of traveling to all your dream locations, while your friends are still working hard for their boss.

You’re looking for a life that makes you jump out of bed with enthusiasm, rather than counting the minutes til the weekend. 9-to-5 jobs are not for you, and it can’t make you successful in this era.

If you feel this, you are like me…

And well, I have some good news for you!

We are Zayne & Rachie, founder and co-founder of eCommercesimply. We are here to simplify your eCommerce business startup, creating a faster & easier process for you!

We created this business blog devoted to inspire, educate, and support entrepreneurs like you, in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey. By providing comprehensive and reliable advice, resources, and tools, along with a supportive community, we’ll help you LaunchGrow, and Expand your ecommerce business.

Warm welcome to eCommercesimply, we’re excited to be part of your startup journey. To begin, subscribe to our emails, drive into idea stimulating articles, strategies, guides and resources, get engaged within the community and most importantly: start something.

How we started 

Our Entrepreneur Journey

Rachie and I left the corporate world, investing every cents of our saving into our wholesale business in Year 2007. We are lucky, economic was good, everything we do goes well, and we were getting good money from the business and expanding fast into retail.

However the table turns around in 2009.

The economic went plunging down, affecting both our wholesale customers’ business and ours. After some struggling, we ceased the operation of all our retail outlets, losing almost everything and leaving tons of products stuck in the warehouse, not knowing what we can do…


The Comeback 

We Found eCommerce.

We try listing our products on eBay. It’s our first time selling on eBay platform, as previously we only buy and bid stuffs over there.

Fast-forward, in this 9 years we’ve tried every business model you can think of. We created and launched over 30 businesses – we’ve built, failed, sold and grow them.

The journey to attain success is not easy. We understand the framework from the experience we gained, and we helped a lot of clients successfully expand their brick & mortal into online business.


You Have What It Takes

Why Does This Matter For You?

Entrepreneur path is always a journey that many don’t quite understand.

You’ll have everyone from strangers or even family and friends telling you how risky you are. They’ll tell you what you’re trying to do is not possible – or that your dream cannot be done..

With all said, we are here to help you prove them all wrong…


From all the Trial and error over the years in business, there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s…

If someone achieved successful results , then it will be possible and easier for you to obtain similar success. Just model & improve what’s proven,  You don’t have to reinvent your wheels.

And here’s where we come in…

Our mission is to create simple actionable how-to guides based on real-world success and failure. We break down what’s working for us, our mentors, and our clients to make sure you’re able to easily model the success of others to change your life.

In short – we only preach about what we’ve already had proven success with. We simply think the world needs more entrepreneurs…

In fact – it will be easier for you than it was for us.

If you’ve made it this far, then you have what it takes…

We’d be honored to help you on your journey to entrepreneurial success & financial freedom.

“You can do this stuff too!”


How We Can Help

How eCommercesimply Blog Will Help You

If you are interested in building and growing their online business…

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In short – we only preach about what we’ve already had proven success with. We’re not here to sell you anything – we simply think the world needs more entrepreneurs…


Start Your Entrepreneur Journey…

About The Founder

From the age of 7, Zayne started his “first” business, buying and selling collectables, trading cards & more. He has a career background in Human Resource Management and Marketing and later learning the process of starting an ecommerce business the hard way. He helps startup overcome huddles and achieve success in their business.

He is an adventurous traveler, music lover, book lover, loving husband, son & brother, also a creative & ever-learning student, outgrowing himself constantly. Zayne is an Entrepreneur, Author,  eCommerce Startup Strategist, Digital Marketer, Product Launch and a Branding Expert.

“Creativity unleash limitless potential for developing an innovative solution to everyday problems. This is when true value products are born.” – Zayne Ling

Connect with him at Zayne@ecommercesimply.com

About The Co-Founder

Rachie is the business & life partner of Zayne. She embarked the entrepreneur journey with him and “fight along” side by side through up and down. She is an Author, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer & Digital ​Ads Expert.

She loves traveling and music, a lovely wife who learn and grow with Zayne. Together they work to build a community of startup entrepreneurs, and help more people to attain their dream.

Connect with her at Rachie@ecommercesimply.com