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Zayne & Rachie

We Help You Learn Everything You Need To Build a Thriving eCommerce Business.

Read The Comprehensive Startup Guide:

How to Select, Setup, Start & Scale Your eCommerce Business

​Here is what we’re going to show you


The most critical phrase your new startup need to dominate your niche 


​How to setup an online store quickly & easily without any coding knowledge


​More than 7 efficient strategies to getting lots of Traffic to your ​store immediately


How to turn widow shopper into customer to increase and maximize your ​store sales

The key to a Successful ​eCommerce is to ​select Right Product, Attract Right Audience, ​Increase Right Traffic ​& Convert them into Lifetime Customers. – Zayne & Rachie

​​How Ready ​Am I to Get Started?

​​A list of Questions ​​Serial Entrepreneurs Will Ask Themselves Before They Start a New Business

Do I Have The Right Product?

Is My Product Online Market Ready With The Right Demand? Questions Serial Entrepreneurs Ask To Avoid ​Unsold Merchandise

​​Do I Understand My Target Audience?

How Much Do I Understand My Target Audience To Have An Effective Marketing Campaign?

​Question & Answers

​How Do I…?

How do I get started with eCommerce business?

So what’s is eCommerce? You’ll learn from our Start Here guide – from selecting product to scaling your business.

How do I choose the Right product?

We have the post here to bring your through the simple steps of product validation to check if you’ve made the right choice.

​How do I ​build an eCommerce store?

​No tech skill? No worries, we have the article​ with steps to assist you in getting your store up in the shortest time.

How do I start Facebook Advertisement?

We’ve made a Facebook campaign blueprint ready to help you start your first FB ads easily.

How do I get customer to my new store?

One of the important aspect of business is to get customers to the store. You’ll learn all the strategies of attracting the right target audience.

​How do I get more people to buy from my store?

​Having the right elements can make window shopper to buyer. We have them all listed down to help you achieve your dream store.