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We has established as the go-to blog for new and intermediate online entrepreneurs looking for practical advice, interesting resources, valuable tools and expertise.

eCommercesimply accepts a limited number of guest post contributions each quarter. If you believe you can provide comprehensive, superior, practical and actionable information, please read on.


Why Guest Blog on eCommercesimply?

We always believe “by giving, you will receive more”. And that’s why we created this blog to give all values pertaining to ecommerce startup.

And here’s your opportunity to share your knowledge, experience and expertise with passionate ecommerce entrepreneurs that are in the process of building, launching, and growing their online business.

Along with gaining exposure and building your authority as a thought leader in ecommerce, you’ll also receive a valuable backlink to your own website, blog or business.


Topics & Categories Covered

Our content helps entrepreneurs through all stages of building, launching, and growing their ecommerce business.

In particular, the following categories are covered on the blog:

  • Product & Niche Selection
  • Sourcing Suppliers
  • Branding & Design
  • Building Traffic
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Operations & Customer Service
  • Strategy & Analytics
  • Accounting, Finance & Legal
  • Interviews & Inspiration


Guest Post Quality Guidelines

We want readers of eCommercesimply blog to enjoy high quality, well-researched, actionable information. Guest posts should give the reader as many tips, ideas, links and resources as possible.

Typically, we find that the more resource and multimedia rich the blog post is, the more it’s commented on and shared. This means that images, videos, and anything else that enriches the content and the ability to understand the information in the post, is welcomed.


Additional Guidelines & Formatting of Guest Posts

The requirements for guest posting on eCommercesimply blog are as follows:

  • The content must be well researched, resourceful and engaging
  • The topic must be relevant to ecommerce and entrepreneurship and fit into one of our content topic categories
  • The post must be a minimum of 2,000 words
  • Proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure is imperative
  • You may include 1-2 contextual links to your website/tool/product/service/resource within the post itself
  • You will also receive one link to your website/tool/product/service/resource in the byline of your article
  • You must include your own byline (approximately 50 words) and author photo at the end of your guest post
  • Where possible enhance the post with images, embedded videos or other relevant and engaging media
  • Please note that all images must be original or appropriately cited
  • Please use H2 for all major headings and H4 for sub-headings.
  • Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in delay, rejection or removal of the guest post from eCommercesimply
  • We reserve the right to approve/reject or edit content and links as we see fit

Please note that our designer will create a feature image for all guest posts so there’s no need to submit one.


eCommercesimply Tonality

When writing your blog post, you may consider the following elements:

Validated & Vetted – One of our top priorities is that all tools, services and resources recommended in our posts must be validated and vetted by our team members, in order to ensure we’re producing quality content for our readers. We do not endorse the recommendation of tools, services and resources without validating them. If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t recommend it to our readers.

Curated –We understand the importance of time and effort for an entrepreneur, especially new startup. At eCommercesimply, we look forward as one of the best value giver with good quality content where our readers spend their time on. Therefore we made effort to curate the best content.

Quality vs. Quantity – Our readers will not get multiple content with poor quality resources because we strive to generate the best quality content. Non-quality post doesn’t get posted here, period.

Actionable & Practical – It is important that our readers can act on the advice on the content and receive result. We don’t allow any projection of unattainable results. The information presented to our readers must be actionable and practical.

Resource Rich – Every single piece of content we produce must be rich with resources to both help our readers become more informed about ecommerce and to help them run their own businesses better. Each resource must provide an immense amount of value, it must be relevant, and it must be vetted by us.

Comprehensive – We don’t withhold anything from our readers, we tell them everything we know in every piece of content we post. It’s extremely important to us that every post is as comprehensive as it can be so that our readers can learn as much as possible and gain as much insight as they possibly can about ecommerce.

Authentic Use of Language –At eCommercesimply, we focus on learning and doing. We make sure every post speaks authentically and ethically to our readers. No misleading information, sweet sugarcoat things, spam or click-bait will be presented here. Just highest quality ecommerce information.

Valuable – We appreciate our reader’s time and attention and strive to make sure every post provides immense value for them and their businesses. All of the information, tools and resources in each post must provide value that our readers can learn from and apply to their businesses.

Sharing Experience –Entrepreneurs are top skilled people, being require to hands-on different roles whether it is related to marketing, programming, copywriting, finance, customer service, operations management, photography, videography and many more. Each of us are equipped with unique sets of skills to build and grow our business. These skills can be more valuable by sharing the experiences we had with others so other’s can learn from our learning or mistakes.

Instilling Passion – Above all, eCommercesimply is about motivating people to become entrepreneurs by giving them all the information, tools and resources to get them started and help them grow. We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, startup and online business and we think it’s important for everyone to try it out for themselves, so every single one of our posts aims to instill that same passion within others.


Who We Accept Guest Posts From

To ensure we are receiving real and good content, we only accept guest blog posts writer that are deeply involved and connected to the ecommerce and online business community.


How to Submit a Guest Post

After reading the above guideline and you are confident with meeting the criteria, please submit your guest post to us.

You can simply write an outline of your blog, indicating the following and email it to us at

– Headline/Title of the post

– Outline of the content with sub heading

– Topic that will be covered within the post

– How our reader will benefit from the post

– What is one action step our reader can take back after they read the post


All post received will be vetted by us with the above criteria, hence your submission will be reviewed within 7 business days and you’ll be notified by email on the decision.