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How To Build eCommerce… from Scratch?

You probably saw the roaring trend of eCommerce. You know having your business online is the new way out in the current world.

And you’re RIGHT!

eCommerce sales grow 15.8% in 2017 and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. Online purchase is no longer the trend thing happening within the Millennials with more Baby Boomers shopping on marketplaces.

And How We Can Help You Get Started

Business & Digital Analytics

Assess your business and identify possible opportunities and threats to leverage actionable insights

Customer Analysis

Customer analysis to provide insight that align with business values

Tailored Strategy & Development

Development of clear and precise solution to power up the digital marketing engine

Performance Measurement

Manage and optimize marketing performance to maximize sales

We’ve been through the startup phrase and can understand the frustration of handling multiple roles.

And now we are here to help!

From business registration, financial calculation, business planning, product review and selection, marketing and measurement. We will provide you the appropriate strategies & advice from top to bottom.

And this is what you will receive from our startup consulting:

Full Business Planning

We work with you to visualize and map out your ecommerce business.

Based on a series of questions, we will go through the whole structure with your idea captured and turn into a business plan – from business purpose, products & solution, customer identity, market demand, market competitiveness, business values, sales funnels, marketing channels and revenue models.

This is to ensure we understand your business to recommend your business with most appropriate strategy to grow your business. So not only we got to know your business well, you get to have the insight of your business too.

Corporation Advice & Setup

Innovative is the key of an entrepreneurs, however when comes to corporation, we want to be follow instruction. We will step in to help you by providing advice on the type of corporation entity for your business, the incorporation and endorsement of the company and the business structure while you save your creativity for building your product and managing your market.

Apart from business entity formation, we also guide you on the legal aspect of intellectual property, trademarks, shares allocation and the payment part, including corporate bank account, payment gateway and more.

Market Study & Research

Without market study, business is like shooting in the dark and wasting valuable bullets. All successful businesses have extensive knowledge of their customers and their competitors, and how is it done?

Our consulting session include extensive effort to gather information about your business target markets and customers, including behavior, attitudes and even industry culture. This will make you more aware of how your customer will react to your current or potential products and services.

No more “guessing”. You will know what new products and services may bring you the profit.

Customer Mapping & Segmentation

Your customer identity, their problem and your solution is the key of any business. This process is analyse with our tailored customer journey map to outline every single touch-point, measuring & identifying all the possible values your business can bring to your customers.

With this, you get to know who & where are you customer, saving you tons of money “hunting” for them.

Product Review & Recommendation

You may have the world-class product, without knowing the right values, your customer will not buying them.

We have many years of ecommerce business experience & run more than 30 businesses. We have built the fundamental criteria of product analysis. We make sure your product is the solution for your customer and how you can possibly optimize your product costing to increase your overall margin.

Pricing & Revenue Model

Many business especially startup encounter issue when setting pricing for product. And when the pricing and revenue model is not plan and implement correctly, a business might involve in competitive price war, ended up costing huge losses to the business.

We came into the picture with market data analysis and competition research to look at the real fact of pricing of the market. We don’t run based on “gut feeling”, we advice based on pure data science.

Your pricing and revenue model are recommended based on the balance of supply and demand in the market.

Business Model Setup

You have your business plan up and ready, should you be implementing it to get it all up?

The whole business plan involves elements such as purpose, goals and ongoing plans for achieving them. At this phrase, we design and propose your business model from drafting business values, plan business activities, create support process and build the internal communication.

The whole business process involving the resources will be discuss and structure out to ensure every activities done contribute to the business goal.

Brand Positioning Evaluation

Does your customer knows what value you are offering? Do you know what your customer said about you? And how you can use this to enhance your business growth?

We have the conclusive brand evaluation blueprint ready to help you look at your business positioning in-depth. By knowing where you stand, you will stay the chance to glow and outshine your competitors.

eCommerce Platform & Application Selection

Selecting the wrong eCommerce solution platform is not only costly, it waste huge amount of time to implement, run and maintain the system. Therefore it is fundamentally importaAnt to analyze what your business really needs and proceed to choose a platform that can serve your long term.

The process of selection platform and application is not advisable to just leave it to the technical team or the marketing team. It should be a group effort and we can help by looking at the overall business needs and provide objective recommendation, saving you time and money.

Sales Funnel Review & Recommendation

It’s important to have the funnel that lead customer through the buying process and even more necessary to link it to your email campaign to complete the whole sales funnel, turning them into repeated customer.

Only with repeated customer, you will increase your customer life-time value, maximizing your potential profit.

With the money & effort spent acquiring customers, you will want to put them into the cycle of the sales funnel – getting them to buy again & again without additional cost.

Full Phrase Digital Strategy Development

The growth of eCommerce is something that you cannot ignore. Digital marketing has lead the advertising world into more specific and targeted, saving you time and money to reach your customer, easier.

And at eCommercesimply, we focus to help your business digital marketing plan in 3 main aspect: Acquisition strategy, Conversion strategy & Retention strategy.

We look into the area of Social Media & Content Marketing to advice you on the appropriate strategy for the different social media channels.

Clear action plan for effective search marketing is crafted tailored base on your business needs and to be integrated into your business process to grow your ROI.

We will provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies, and tactics you should be investing in to advance your business, both paid and free.

Measurement & Optimization Plan

It’s important to track all action done to ensure your business is moving on the track toward your targeted goal.

With our measurement guideline and advice, you’ll be able to drill down into different methods and strategies and identify which specific activity works and not works. And what adds on is that you are able to fine tune your digital marketing after our deep-drive recommendation.

There is no hard fast rules, only continuous tracking, changes and improvement to build up your business to the progression track. The best part, we are able to prepare you with our experienced guidance and proposal.

At one glance, we are simply the partners to assist you full phrase in your eCommerce business startup.

If you wish to discuss on any of the solution, contact us today – We Love to Talk


Want To Grown Your Business Faster?

We can help you with your Customer Acquisition too!

We as entrepreneur understand Customer Leads is the blood of any business, therefore we present: Our eCommercesimply Digital Marketing arm – TheLeadsHive

At Leadshive, we don’t focus working only with marketing metric. We research the market, analyze the competitors, setup & run your ads compaigns, and leverage strategic creativity, data analysis, and intuition to develop solutions that fit your unique business and customer group.

After engaging our marketing team, you’ll find that we focus on important elements that help you grow your business – we believe in data-driven decision making.

SEM/Paid Search

We run, monitor, and optimize your paid ads campaign to maximize every dollar you spent on digital advertisement

Social Media Marketing

We create effective social media campaigns to help your business provide it's value by engaging your customer and understand what they wants. This will help build your branding and increase their trust. Leading to higher conversion

Email Marketing

Exploring the powerful Email marketing can be an investment in building strong customer relationships, which are the mainstay of virtually every business - increasing customer life-time value


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