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Do you want more customer for your business?

Well, of course you do… Who would ever say they have enough customer?

The REAL question is — how do you get more customer?

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies out there, so where do you start? How you can use digital marketing to enhance your business?

We Can Help You Get Started

Business & Digital Analytics

Assess your business and identify possible opportunities and threats to leverage actionable insights

Customer Analysis

Customer analysis to provide insight that align with business values

Tailored Strategy & Development

Development of clear and precise solution to power up the digital marketing engine

Performance Measurement

Manage and optimize marketing performance to maximize sales

We are not going to push you tons of techniques, that’s not how our consulting works…

At eCommercesimply, we focus on data and research. We analyze the needful and based on your digital marketing needs, we create consulting sessions focusing on the key areas of plan and strategies.

And this is what you will receive from our consulting:

Business Analysis Report

We don’t start providing your recommendation and strategies without understanding your business well. 

Through our complete questionnaire, we analyze your product/service, market competitiveness, existing marketing plan and business positioning, ensuring right advice is given to help your business.

Sales Funnel Review & Recommendation

It’s important to have the funnel that lead customer through the buying process and even more necessary to link it to your email campaign to complete the whole sales funnel, turning them into repeated customer.

Only with repeated customer, you will increase your customer life-time value, maximizing your potential profit.

With the money & effort spent acquiring customers, you will want to put them into the cycle of the sales funnel – getting them to buy again & again without additional cost.

Business Branding Assessment

A well-defined online branding of your business not only helps to connect directly to your customer’s needs, it gives you the major edge in the competitive markets.

Business branding includes your name, symbol, design, values, brand messages and many more. And we are here to help.

We evaluate your brand from both internal and external perspectives, identifying the gaps between what you want your brand to represent and how your customers perceive your brand in the marketplace.

With the right brand, you build a strong and credible reputation, allowing customer to recognize you immediate in this global competitive market.

Digital Strategy Development

Digital marketing has gradually taking over traditional marketing due to the ability to interact with targeted customers in real time.

Over at eCommercesimply, we help you to structure the digital strategies in 3 aspect:  Acquisition strategy, Conversion strategy & Retention strategy.

We help you to create and adopt different techniques in getting more customer, attracting them to make the purchase & action plan to make them come back for more!

These result-driven strategies recommended are tailored base on your business needs and to be integrated into your business process to grow your ROI.

Social Media & Content Marketing

There are several powerful social media channels to leverage on and it can be overwhelm to choose which to work on. Understand the behavior of each channel and implement the appropriate strategy is what we can help you with. 

During our consulting sessions, we work with you to outline the role of social media channels and propose a clear action plan to help maximize ROI

In the current information market, engaging your target customer and providing them with good valuable information can help increase sales. And how can you do that?

Generating the content that your customer wants is the main purpose for your content marketing plan. We never miss out to help you research and analyze before developing the framework to guide you in publishing the right content to your customers.

Paid Media Strategy Planning

Paid media involves search and display advertising that needs to be well thought-out or it will turn your profit margin into dwelling cost. It has to be well plan and align to the desired goal for both short-term and long-term.

To make things easier for you, we review the plan with you to understand what didn’t work previously and the new insight coming up. And based on your goals, we incorporate keyword research and analysis, and then conclude with an efficient and effective search marketing plan to drive traffic and growth.

We will provide you with a deeper understanding of what tools, strategies, and tactics you should be investing in to advance your business.

SEO Audit and Recommendations

Being an eCommerce business consultancy, we work slightly different from most SEO companies. We work into analyzing your business model and provide strategy custom tailored to your current business situation

Search engine changes can be exhausting and resource-intensive. We are like another member of your team providing you search marketing plan and structured roadmap.  

We evaluate your website and your competitors’ websites in a level of detail you never dreamed possible. Your SEO audit and assessment will include detailed insights and evaluations of your website’s structure, on and off page content, the links pointing to your website, and your overall online marketing presence.

Measurement & Optimization Plan

After putting so much hard work implementing the action plan on drafting ads, optimizing the ads, how do we know what’s  happening after that?

We then guide you step by step to keep track your digital marketing performance with the most important metrics. You may think this like measuring the health of your online business.

With our measurement guideline and advice, you’ll be able to drill down into different methods and strategies and identify which specific activity works and not works. And what adds on is that you are able to fine tune your digital marketing after our deep-drive recommendation.

There is no hard fast rules, only continuous tracking, changes and improvement to build up your business to the progression track. The best part, we are able to prepare you with our experienced guidance and proposal.

Having said so much, we are your digital marketing partner to drive your business forward and to success.

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Want To Grown Your Business Faster?

We can help you with your Customer Acquisition too!

We as entrepreneur understand Customer Leads is the blood of any business, therefore we present: Our eCommercesimply Digital Marketing arm - TheLeadsHive

At Leadshive, we don't focus working only with marketing metric. We research the market, analyze the competitors, setup & run your ads campaigns, and leverage strategic creativity, data analysis, and intuition to develop solutions that fit your unique business and customer group.

After engaging our marketing team, you'll find that we focus on important elements that help you grow your business - we believe in data-driven decision making.

SEM/Paid Search

We run, monitor, and optimize your paid ads campaign to maximize every dollar you spent on digital advertisement

Social Media Marketing

We create effective social media campaigns to help your business provide it's value by engaging your customer and understand what they wants. This will help build your branding and increase their trust. Leading to higher conversion

Email Marketing

Exploring the powerful Email marketing can be an investment in building strong customer relationships, which are the mainstay of virtually every business - increasing customer life-time value


Organic traffic often ranks as one of the top 3 traffic and revenue sources. SEO is your best sales person who work 24/7 for your business