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We are entrepreneur providing you real-world reviews, advice and strategies to save your time and money when growing your business

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We are not the usual consultancy. We are eCommerce business owner that run multiple businesses. 

And that’s what makes us difference…

Through years of trial and error when running the business, we look at two important perspectives – what an ecommerce business needs in order to grow & what their customer really want from the business.

With that, we customize our consulting approach using various framework and essential techniques gain through our experience to deliver actionable recommendations to our client. 

No matter if you are new startup, a small company looking for growth or a middle organization exploring digital strategies, we provide different valuable consulting designed to suit your needs.

Our Consulting Services

Wanted to start a business and not sure what are the steps?

This is a common issue faced by many startup. The high uncertainty and limited resources can cause you more time and money to get everything started on the right track.

Working with us can prevent you from making costly mistakes and speedup your eCommerce business startup process.

Many businesses are not aware of the capability of email marketing. It is a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new targeted customers and retaining existing customers with personalised message.

And email marketing is an extension to your business funnel, multiplying your business profit tremendously.

Looking to increase your customer life-time value? It’s email marketing.

If you are looking into providing values to your customer, one of the best way is to use valuable content & articles to benefit your customer. By building long-term relationship there is a possibility that they will become your prospects and loyal followers and prospects

Content Marketing is a traffic magnet. Now you have a chance to turn them into customer or even repeat customers.

Questions on how content marketing can work for your business?

Social media has been changing ever since the first day. This technology is flexible and you have to stay abreast of updates and trend to keep up with your customer’s expectation.

And you understand the power of social media channels, how it can boost your business & you’re looking for ways to leverage it to build your business presence.

While you know your brand inside and out, we know how, where and when to share your story to produce tangible results.  

Need help with social media planning strategy?


How We Can Enhance Your Business

Our consulting are designed to offers comprehensive eCommerce advice to businesses.

At eCommercesimply, the skills and processes gained from our experience allow us to provide you with current market actionable strategy - for business assessment, infrastructure development, website assessments, audits, customer experience, marketing and strategic planning.

We aim to help you build an ever-growing system & process that increase your web traffic, online sales, and life-time customers.

Ready to Build, Grow and Accelerate Your Business?

Want To Grow Your Business Faster?

We can help you with your Customer Acquisition too!

We as entrepreneur understand Customer Leads is the blood of any business, therefore we present: Our eCommercesimply Digital Marketing arm - TheLeadsHive

At Leadshive, we don't focus working only with marketing metric. We research the market, analyze the competitors, setup & run your ads campaigns, and leverage strategic creativity, data analysis, and intuition to develop solutions that fit your unique business and customer group.

After engaging our marketing team, you'll find that we focus on important elements that help you grow your business - we believe in data-driven decision making.

SEM/Paid Search

We run, monitor, and optimize your paid ads campaign to maximize every dollar you spent on digital advertisement

Social Media Marketing

We create effective social media campaigns to help your business provide it's value by engaging your customer and understand what they wants. This will help build your branding and increase their trust. Leading to higher conversion

Email Marketing

Exploring the powerful Email marketing can be an investment in building strong customer relationships, which are the mainstay of virtually every business - increasing customer life-time value


Organic traffic often ranks as one of the top 3 traffic and revenue sources. SEO is your best sales person who work 24/7 for your business

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